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The Dice Tower is a network and show about reviewing, playing, and talking about games!

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The Pledge Manager is Nigh!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Apr 23, 2024 at 06:43:00 AM

I hope you've been enjoying the Dice Tower content!  Our top 100 games of all time is starting this week, and will lead straight into the Summer Spectacular this June!

But meanwhile, let's talk pledge manager, Backer Kit.

We've just started the "smoke test", which will send the Backer Kit email to about 5% of our backers.  This is just so we can make sure everything is working fine.

On Wednesday night, we'll be sending out the Backer Kit link to everyone, so keep an eye out for that email!

We appreciate your patience, everything is on track with our reward delivery, and the main reward - our content - is going up each and every day!

Thanks so much for your support!

We did it! I mean, you did it!
4 months ago – Sat, Feb 03, 2024 at 03:07:26 AM

Well, I'm a little bleary eyed, but we finished nice and strong, and we had a fantastic final day. 

I'm very excited about the upcoming year, and there is a lot to talk about over the coming weeks.

Right now, though, we are going to take the weekend off and just rest.  We'll come back next week with a lot to talk about and go over, so I'll answer some of your questions then.  

So very excited here, very happy, we'll talk on Monday, but I wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

48 hours! Essen Party!
5 months ago – Wed, Jan 31, 2024 at 01:32:38 PM

Well, we are getting close to the end.  Realize that some pledges have changed, so if you wanted a pledge and it was all taken, check again!  It just might be there.

We are also adding a new add-on!   We will put this add-on at 6 PM EST on Friday, just as we launch our Kickstarter wrap party.

Since we are going to Essen Spiel this year, we are going to throw a party there!  So we are going to add 15 $150 add-ons.  Each of these add-ons is for two people (18+ age), to come to a pizza party at our booth after the show closes on Friday.  We'll have pizza, drinks, and spend time hanging out with the Dice Tower gang and special guests.

Since we are adding this add-on exactly at 6 PM EST this Friday, if you are planning to come, set a reminder so you don't miss it!

So as we are getting to the end of the Kickstarter, let's push it as we try to reach those final stretch goals!  

Essen bound!
5 months ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 12:08:58 PM

Huzzah!  We reached a few more stretch goals, and now we once again will show up at the Spiel fair at Essen!

We are down to our final few days, and we want to finish nice and strong so spread the word about the Kickstarter far and wide. 

A few notes:

  • If you missed it, Jason Levine added some "play games with him" pledges to the Kickstarter - check it out!
  • We are having a live wrap party to celebrate the end of the Kickstarter this Friday, starting at 6 PM and going to midnight.  Come join us as we celebrat the end by playing good and terrible games and be silly!  

All right, some more stretch goals, let's hit 'em!

New Stretch goal revealed!
5 months ago – Wed, Jan 24, 2024 at 09:46:01 AM

So I'm going to combine the $375K and $380K stretch goals into one.  We'll do some more RPG stuff, AND we'll make it into a podcast.

That's because our new $380K stretch goal will be the return or Sam Healey - coming back to the Dice Tower part time!

Now, let me clarify quickly a few things.

  • Sam will not be moving - he is simply going to be the "Dice Tower Northwest Annex" and be doing a few videos for the Dice Tower each week.
  • This is a part time gig, you'll see him on a few videos, but not on most of our main studio videos, because they are recorded live at the studio in Florida.
  • NO ONE ELSE is leaving, changing roles, etc., this is extra bonus content.
  • Sam will still be doing his Flipside channel.
  • Yes, you'll likely see Sam at more Dice Tower events in the future.
  • Sam will be doing a review a week, another content video, and a segment on one of our weekly shows.

And here's a quick note from Sam

"Hey, folks! Sam here...I'm very excited with the prospect of coming back home to the Dice Tower! I say it that way intentionally, because that's how it feels to me, a home-coming. Even though it's in a part-time capacity, and I'll still be able to keep the needle moving forward on The Flipside, I'm looking forward to being more involved with all the great people at The Dice Tower. I want to thank Tom and his crew for the opportunity to create content with them all once again. Onwards and upwards!...we'll see you guys and gals on the Flipside...and now on the Dice Tower again, too! Looking forward to it!"

Sam Healey was one of the original voices on the Dice Tower channel, and we are pleased to be working with him again.

If, of course, we reach that stretch goal.  Let's make it happen!!!!!

- Tom